Fuel System Cleaning

Signs you may need a fuel system clean are loss of power, reduced MPG, an unpleasant odour from the exhaust, or it’s hard to start. This is because your vehicle’s engine function and efficiency are diminished. When a car or van runs cleanly as it should, fuel is injected in a fine mist by the fuel injectors; over time the injector nozzles become clogged with deposits which affect performance.

Automaster in Colindale, London, are fuel system cleaning experts taking your car from sluggish and unresponsive to smooth and efficient again, and always at a competitive price.

Automaster is approved by the AA, RAC, and Trust My Garage. We are regularly vetted to ensure that we keep up high standards of skill and customer service. We’re dedicated to maintaining such high standards in all that we do, and are more than happy to adhere to the strict codes of conduct.

To find out more about Fuel System Cleaning in Colindale, London, contact us online or call us directly on 0208 200 0400

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